Win Beyond The February Games!


February is a unique month for sports fans — both the Super Bowl AND the Winter Olympics will air on NBC. What does that mean for YouTube? 500 million minutes of Super Bowl-related content was watched on YouTube last year, and that number has doubled every year since 2014.

And guess what else? Forty-two percent of those viewers came to YouTube to watch the Super Bowl auto ads. What better place to play your auto ads but right next to the Super Bowl auto ads?


And then the Olympics follow shortly after: more than 1 billion minutes of Olympic content was watched on YouTube during the Rio Olympics. Eighteen hundred hours of Winter Olympic coverage will be streamed next month and NBC will share hundreds of hours of Olympic clips on YouTube.

February is the time to move traditional ad dollars to more cost-efficient YouTube TrueView advertising. Remember, YouTube reaches 91% of internet users, ages 25-54 and unlike traditional broadcast or direct mail, you only pay for a viewer who watches your video ad. More than 40% of shoppers who watched a video visited a dealer as a result.

Choose a package to the right and we will get you set up quickly on the fastest-growing digital media channel.

I want to take advantage of the low-cost reach of YouTube in February.

Yes, sign me up for YouTube advertising with the budget I selected below.


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